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When should you go? 
we'll tell you.

Don’t worry, with studeo no more waking up early for nothing. In fact we’ll tell you when to wake up so you can enjoy your night.

Discover new study rooms

Study rooms are all around you, if your favorite one is full go to the closest, and start studying.

Keep track of your progress

Now, you’re able to know how much you’ve studied, this week, month, year, lifetime! With study time report you’re able to manage your time better.

students first

Privacy wise

All the information we collect are used only by a computer that changes the data into meaningless words and numbers.

we listen to you

Our support team is available all week to assist you with your questions via mail.


Studeo is ad-free and respects your time. Our is aim to help you studying and not to disturb you while you study.

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